About the Artists


Doug & Brittany during a trip to Ireland – thankfully, sans fat cat.

Doug Peterson and Brittany Kaplan Peterson live in New York City with a very fat Russian Blue feline named Sophia Zoey Cat. They met in 2013 via OK Cupid and were married on a beautiful day in June of 2017. Their fine art series Terra Nudum benefits from Brittany’s creativity, imagination, and attention to detail, and Doug’s technical photographic experience, lighting acumen, and artistic vision.

Terra Nudum, latin for “bare earth,” is a take on the “bodyscape” – a representation of the body in the manner of a landscape. The unusual compositions and lighting have the effect of abstracting the body, so it can be viewed without the contaminative influence of modern body-negative media. Viewed without the filter of unrealistic and arbitrary standards, the shapes, lines, and textures reveal the true beauty of the human body.

If you would like to purchase a fine-art print from this series, or volunteer as a model contact info@doug-peterson.com.