About the Artists


The Artists

Doug and Brittany Peterson live in New York City with a large Russian Blue cat named Sophie. Sharing a passion for body positivity, they began collaborating on the Terra Nudum series in 2014, building on similar work that Doug began in 2005. Doug graduated with honors from Ohio University with a degree in Commercial Photography. Brittany graduated from Columbia with a degree in Art History. Sophie graduated from Bidawee Animal Shelter with a degree in acoustically persuading her parents to give her extra treats.

Terra Nudum melds Brittany’s creativity, imagination, and attention to detail with Doug’s technical photographic experience and lighting acumen. Working together, the results are different and better than if either of them worked alone.

Because models’ names are kept confidential, they’re not identified here, but they deserve credit as creative contributors to the series as well. Their suggestions are often enormously helpful in finding the right pose or composition.

Support Doug and Brittany’s work by volunteering to model (adults of all ages, gender-identities, and body types are welcome).