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About Volunteering

We (Brittany and Doug) cannot produce Terra Nudum without our awesome volunteer models. Would you like to volunteer? No previous modeling experience is necessary and all body types and gender identities welcome. You must be 18 or older and you must be comfortable posing nude. What’s it like to volunteer as a model? You can view sample work from previous shoots, and watch our video to hear from a few of the dozens of models that have participated in Terra Nudum.

Your name will never appear in association with the images. You’re welcome to bring a friend along for comfort. If you’d like to meet us before the shoot we’re glad to buy you a cup of coffee in Midtown or Upper West Side. We’ll be shooting on a few different weekends in September and October, based on when our models are most available. The studio is in Midtown Manhattan near Herald Square in New York City.

As thanks for contributing their bodies to art each model receives a fine-art black and white print from the shoot. There is no cash compensation; we’ve found the best models for this series are individuals who support the mission and want to have an image of themselves in this style. We hope you’ll treasure this print for decades to come.

How to Volunteer

1. Email a photo of yourself in a bathing suit or similar outfit that shows your body type.
2. Fill out this form. If you don’t receive a reply within three days you can text 740.707.218 to confirm your form was received.


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Hello, it’s will be privileged to work with you too if possible. I’m currently a model with some experience and also comfortable in my own skin, I’m African Americans and I will love to participate in this shooting because like you said , our body is beautiful and we should learn to embrace and love it. I will looking forward to get a email back from you. Rofiat Abodunrin from NYC (Brooklyn)

Your pictures are beautiful. I’ve never really modeled before but I think that your work is something to be apart of. Would like to learn more and possibly schedule a meet up? Look forward to meeting you!

I’m petite and curvy but not plus size. While I love the fashion world and am just as beautiful and capable of being an amazing model, I am often not welcomed. So I want to volunteer because this a a rare opportunity to be seen and accepted as beautiful despite the modern societal concept portraying the opposite of me. I also use to be self conscious of my body and now I am really learning to love myself. So now I would volunteer to promote self love and celebrate my body.

I’m available all dates listed.

I have 6 small tattoos: outside wrists, inside left wrist, lower left hip, right upper rib and middle of shoulders.

I think any opportunity to showcase a woman’s natural body shape, no matter shape or age, is beautiful. We need to be encouraging more women to love themselves and the packaging we come in. Imagine a world where women loved their bodies as much as we pretend to?!

I would like to volunteer and I’m 18 I’m definitely model type because I heard it before but I can be available for those days please get back to me

I’m available all those dates .

I would love to be a volunteer model for you guys!
can count with me ☺️

Hi beauties

I’d love the opportunity that model for you!
I’d feel more sexually free!
As of now I’m free all dates. I can do all 4 or 1.
Keep me posted.

Always with love,
Candice 💋

I would love to take part in this and have this great opportunity looking forward to hearing from you soon .

I will love to volunteer for you. And I’ll do it to help you show body positive, love and caring about your self and others. No matter how you look or how others look. Just express true beauty

I always wanted to start somewhere in modeling and try something new. I dont have experience but i can do the best of me.
Im available on december weekends, i dont have tattos ando just one piercing on my belly button, please get back to mee thanksss 😘😘😘

Hi I would like to try , this will be my first time but I think it’s a good experience always try to do something new .
Am from South America , 5.3 and normal shape . I have time on weekends .

Hello I would love to be apart of the project, i want to be able to look at myself in a more artistic standpoint and also broaden my horizons on photography and modeling. I’m 5”10, from New York and I have a more curvy figure. I have two tattoos one on my right shoulder and another leaning towards the crease in my elbow.

Hi, am currently living in Bushwick. I have some experience posing nude. I’m available Dec 2 & 3. Twenty four years old, 5’8, fair features.

I’d love to show people that beauty comes in every shape and form, everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin and I feel body positivity is very much needed in our generation. I’d love to participate

I would absolutely love to do a project like this. I’m already a 100% comfortable in my skin, but to see it be turned into art that would be an honor.

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