About Volunteering

We (Brittany and Doug) cannot produce Terra Nudum without our amazing volunteer models. If you’d like to participate, please let us know! No previous modeling experience is necessary, and all body types and gender identities are welcome. You must be at least eighteen years old at the time of the shoot, and you must be comfortable posing nude and being nude around others. If you’re curious what it’s like to volunteer as a model, you can view sample work from previous shoots or watch video interviews with previous models.

Safety and Privacy Details: We understand and embrace the private and sensitive nature of our shoots. Every care is given to creating a positive collaborative environment built on clear communication and consent. Your name will never appear in association with the images. You’re welcome to bring a friend/chaperone to help you feel comfortable. If you’d like to meet us before the shoot, we’re glad to buy you a cup of coffee in Lower Manhattan or Jersey City. Our studio is in Midtown Manhattan near Herald Square in New York City (we don’t list the address on the website to ensure privacy, but you’ll receive it well in advance of the shoot).

Compensation: As thanks for contributing their time, talents, and trust to this body of art, each model receives a fine-art, black and white print from the shoot. There is no cash compensation; we’ve found the best collaborators for this series are individuals who understand and embrace our mission and will treasure their participation and the print from their shoot for decades to come.

Upcoming Shoots

We will be shooting September 2021. We are currently looking at September 10/11/12 as candidate dates. The themes being considered for these shoots are:

  1. Motherhood: A celebration of the physical changes during pregnancy and after delivery. Reserved for expectant and recent mothers.
  2. Connectedness: After more than a year of physical distancing, a celebration of being close. Bodies will be intertwined, intermingled, and interspersed in non-sexual manners.
  3. Body Art: A celebration of tattoos, piercings, and modifications. Reserved for those with significant body art.
  4. Simple Curves: A return to the simplicity of our earliest work (example). Open to all models.

How to Volunteer

1. Email volunteer@terranudum.com a photo in a swimsuit athletic-wear, or similar outfit. All body types are welcome!
2. Fill out this form.
3. Attend a pre-shoot meeting via Google Meet (where you will meet previous models, and can ask any questions you have)